The native tribes were small nomad tribes, Loreto is located on where the “Mongui” tribe lived and they were part of the Cochimí territory. The first Spanish expedition in the arrived in the first half of 1500´s and it was until 1697 when the mission of Our Lady of Loreto Conchó was founded that allowed the Jesuit missionaries to permanently settle on what they thought to be an island that greatly resembled that of a well known novel of its time, that was rich with pearls and gold were Queen Calafia ruled an army of women warrior, that island was called California, thus the Spaniards named the new founded territory with the same name.

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Loreto became the first capital of the California´s (Lower now the Baja Peninsula and Upper now California US), it was the first place in where wine was produced, olive, fig and date palm trees were introduced as well as sheep and cattle and created a new form of life very conscious of the scarcity of fresh water and of the rich soil and abundant resources on the sea. Today the community treasures and enhances the cultural heritage and way of life of a small town were everyone knows each other.

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After more than 300 years after its foundation Loreto is still a small community and a good reason for it is tha scare of sources, especially fresh water, thus farming is still in small scale and in very few places.
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As you explore the area, met the people visit the mission, museum, other towns like San Javier or if lucky enough to visit a ranch or farm you will see how they preserve the heritage on what they eat, how they live and how they view life, this is the luxury Loreto offer to its visitors.